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Mt. Peale

Moab Mountain Lodging


Individual Retreats

A wide variety of people look for a place to retreat from their busy and often stressful lives.  Most of them have one thing in common.  They are searching for something more than just a vacation.  They are on their spiritual path looking for an environment that supports their journey.  In essence this journey is the search for their true authentic self.

Mt. Peale Lodge and Cabins are located near Moab, Utah and has a mission to create an environment that supports this search for the true authentic self.  The energies of Mt. Peale's 180 acres of land, together with the surrounding thousands of acres of the La Sal Mountain forest in and of themselves provide a natural foundational support.

Personalized individual retreats at Mt. Peale, a Moab Mountain Loding Facility can provide an opportunity for a few restorative days of reflective silence and solitude - or simply a place to take some time just for yourself - and an invitation to participate with us in the enhancement and deepening of the spiritual atmosphere.

All are welcome!

There are several ways to approach your individual retreat:


  • SOLITUDE - Totally disconnect from the stress, pressures and frantic activity of contemporary "living", and focus seriously on your inner life: a chance to reacquaint yourself with yourself, to listen again for awhile to your interior voice and that of the universe. To reconnect with - or to find - your center. Your time is your own.
  • SIMPLICITY - Pare back the complexity of life to the essentials, both materially and psychologically.
  • SILENCE - The shared environment of the individual rooms will be silence, and each person's privacy will be vigorously respected. The entire environment will be designed to ensure minimum disruption of retreater's concentration.


All of the above - if you want - and more, with a more relaxed approach.  Take a break from your regular world:

Rest up..Write..Think..Pray..Exercise..Meditate..Do artwork or music..Read some of those books you've been meaning to get to.

Make fullest use of the common rooms, public lands & the private 180 acres at Mt. Peale, The La Sal Mountain area near Moab, Utah.


Just have a good time and experience a Moab, Utah area adventure- in a spiritual environment - availing yourself of all the recreational opportunities offered by the La Sal Mountains, Arches Canyonlands National Parks. Vacationers may also prefer to try out some of the many fine area restaurants, shops and tours in and around Moab, Utah.

Mt. Peale, A Moab Mountain Lodging Facilty located near Moab, Utah offers comfortable sleeping accommodations, nutritional meals, service oriented staff and many services to support your journey.

A number of lodging retreat options including the Basic Individual Retreat, Individual Retreat Programs and Facilitated Retreat.  These programs vary from basic, in which you design your own program to Facilitated Intensive, which is designed by Mt. Peale staff based on what you choose to transform and change.

All individual retreats include use of the Facilities such as common rooms, private 180 acres & numerous paths in the La Sal Mountains. We invite you to treat yourself to one or more of our Holistic Services. It is best to sign up for these services when making your reservation. There is an additional fee for some of the services, but most are free.

  • Massage
  • Plant Sprirt Medicine
  • Meditation Walks
  • Sacred Walks
  • Meditate Out in Nature
  • Establishing Relationship with Nature
  • Planting a Tree of Life
  • Examining Your Animal Totems
  • Symbology of the Landscape
  • Many More

Individual Retreat Prices

Retreat Prices

(single/double occupancy)


Lodge Cabins
3 nights $195 $300
4 nights $260 $400
5 nights $325 $500
6 nights $390 $600
7 nights $420 $665
10 nights $600 $900
Prices Include: nightly Moab, Utah area lodging

CALL 1-888-687-3253 or e-mail us atrelax@mtpeale.com.