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Plant Spirit Medicine

Healing With Nature

For many many years, humans and nature have lived together as one. Our living one with nature, extends our family unit beyond human form. We as a family help one another by offering ourselves in service. Like humans, each form of nature has a spirit, and they are willing share their healing generousity with the human spirit. This provides assistance to us, bringing us to a place of balance and harmony.

Healing with nature, the Shaman's way, using the spirit of plants is a very old way of healing. It was rediscovered in the West by Eliot Cowan, and the medicine has proven to be as effective in todays world, as our ancestor found it to be.

Lisa and Teague had the privilege of studying Plant Spirit Medicine with Eliot Cowan and are able to call upon the generous healing power of the plants. Plant Spirit Medicine places emphasis on the relationship between the plants, the practitioner, and you. Plant Spirit Medicine reveals the "Whole Person" seeing the gifts of the person and what they have to offer, replacing judgment and criticism. Being able to see the root of a persons imbalance and calling on a specific plant spirit, the result is a deeply effective form of healing.

Plant Spirit Medicine has the gift of returning a person back to balance and harmony. Our ancestors lived this way naturally, there were no illusions of separation from nature. Plant Spirit Medicine can re-open the doors of nature, living and being in a state of grace, restoring us to our birthright.

Teague and Lisa are available for individual healing sessions. The treatment is usually 2 hours in length and the exchange for treatment is at least $50. The first session will include a time of preparation, followed by a treatment. Be prepared to enter a healing space, opening your heart's door and welcoming the gifts of your birthright.