Who Are We?

Welcome to La Sal Mountain Realty, born out of a desire to serve people while protecting the delicate balance of the environment and wildlife here on the south western slopes of the La Sal Mountains. Teague Eskelsen and Lisa Ballantyne have owned and operated the Mt. Peale Inn and Cabins for 17 years. During this time, many visitors to the Inn would express their interest in building their dream home here and they would graciously be referred to an agent in Moab. Knowing that only someone who knows the land and the mountain could purely sell this land, this became a problem, thus La Sal Mountain Realty came into existence. Living at the base of the Majestic Mt. Peale for over 17 years, Teague and Lisa have earned the right to introduce others to this sacred land.

In choosing La Sal Mountain Realty to assist you with your land purchase, we understand this might be the most important purchase you will make. We will support your dreams and desires throughout the entire process. With that said, you are invited to meet our team.

Our Team

Teague Eskelsen, Broker/owner believes in the truth at any cost. Commissions are secondary. When and if a purchase jeopardizes the harmony between people, the environment and the wildlife here, Teague will support the harmony at the expense of a sale. She feels she is a steward over this land and will pay a higher price later for interrupting this delicate balance. As broker, Teague will ensure quality control. You will receive fair and honest treatment in all financial aspects, contracts and transactions.

Lisa Ballantyne, Land Consultant , specializes in development. She has successfully completed 5 subdivisions. She spares no expense and takes plenty of time deciding how to properly separate the land so that each parcel has special features and is properly positioned to be in harmony with its surroundings. She will help our clients stay in compliance with any and all covenant restrictions and is available to our clients for preparing water well permits.

Linda Duke, Sales Agent, serves as our representative in Moab. Linda has been with the company for 3 years. A full time Moab resident, Linda is well connected to the locals and to the land. She is known as one of the best in her field. According to former clients, Linda is pleasant and fun. Linda is also very professional and very thorough. She loves what she does, and that makes all the difference.

We Will Work For You

Since our beginning in 1997 we have established positive working relationships with so many key people in making your dream become a reality. People like, San Juan County officials, State Water Engineer Officials, State Sanitarian Agent, Surveyors and Utility officials. Through trial and error we can now put you in direct contact with reliable and trustworthy builders, well drillers and septic and utility installers. Let our experience work for you.

La Sal Mountain Realty stands firmly for our client, the environment and the wildlife surrounding us. Balance and Harmony are words to best describe the mission of this company. We strive to maintain Mt. Peale as the focal point of this land with no distractions. We stand against anything that threatens to dampen or take away from the Mountain while assisting people in building their dream around it!